Microsoft and Apple will continue to fight for supremacy and they won’t stop releasing better and better products as long as these companies will be on the market. Their current tablets are extraordinary, but there’s always room for improvements, so the upcoming models are expected to be more powerful than ever. Although their specs haven’t been confirmed yet, the internet is already full of rumors and assumptions.

iPad Air 3

Surprisingly, Apple went through a sales decline with its iPads, as the revenue declined 29 percent in the last quarter of 2014 because of the appearance of cheaper Android tablets. The consumers lost their interest in the larger tablets, preferring small and mid-tier products, and Apple understood what the fans want, so they released the iPad Mini, which revived the sales. But Apple will need to think of a different strategy, to lure more consumers, because otherwise, their line of tablets will have the same fate as the iPods.

The iPad Air 3 is rumored to be powered by the next A9 processor, or it will have a quad core A8X processor, to be faster than the three-core A8X processor from the iPad Air 2. The RAM capacity would be 2GB, the screen would measure 9.7inches and the smallest internal memory would be 32GB.

Its thickness could be 7mm, so that the tablet would be very slim, likewise the iPhone 6, and might feature an “all-in-one” USB Type-C connector, which was introduced on the latest MacBook. The screen will feature the Force Touch technology, which made its debut on the Apple Watch and which recognizes the amount of pressure applied to the screen and performs different actions.

Apple might release the iPad Air 3 alongside the iPad Pro tablet with a 12inches screen, and both devices might come installed with iOS 9. Siri, the intelligent personal assistant, will be improved and the system will have a better app integration etc.

Surface Pro 4

Microsoft had a better year than Apple, as in the last quarter of 2014, the revenues increased by 44 percent, to $713 million, because the fans absolutely loved the Surface Pro 3convertible tablet, which can be transformed into a laptop, by adding a type cover. None of Apple’s tablets have this option, so, now, Microsoft is sitting on a gold mine takes advantage of this situation to make more money.

In the near future, the Surface Pro 4 might make its appearance with a 12inches screen, but the rumors are suggesting that there will be a second variant with a larger screen of 14inches, which will support 2160 x 1440pixels. Internally, the tablet will have a fanless Broadwell or a Skylake processor, up to 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage.

Most likely, the tablet will be lighter and thinner compared to the Surface Pro 3 and will run on Windows 10. Microsoft worked on a new web browser called Microsoft Edge and added Cortana, the famous virtual assistant to allow the users to interact better with their devices.

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