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Think Before You Click: Experts’ View on New Facebook Messenger Payment Service


Facebook Messenger recently made a public announcement that the Messenger payment service will be available to all the dwellers in the United States.

While this might be coming in as some amazing news to most basic users of this and such other services, the best brains in this field have other ideas to share with the public. There is nothing wrong however, in using Facebook Messenger payment system; but just like any other online payment system, it is essential to stay vigilant of any suspicious activities.

Facebook Messenger Payment allows the users to exchange money instantly

Facebook Messenger has more than 700 million people who use it on a monthly basis. If this feature turns out to have issues, we may see lots of people affected. It is for this reason that you must take this security warning from the experts very seriously. The fact that the payment system is still very young on Facebook Messenger also makes it a very vulnerable target by the best hackers out there.

Even though this system will let the users exchange money without having to leave the Facebook platform, there is still a lot the company has to do to ensure the security of these transactions. To send cash, one must link their Messenger payment account with their debit card and by simply clicking on the icon in the Messenger app, the money will be transferred to the Messenger account of the recipient.

To receive the cash, your friend must open the received message and transfer the money to their account. This process involves surrendering some personal banking information and if this gets into the wrong hands, the results might not be the best. There will always be phishing attacks in such situations and it is why experts are sounding these warnings.

Think before you click

According to some of the best brains in this field, the claim that Facebook’s protection that offers multiple layers of security on both software and hardware used in these transactions is enough does not mean the hackers will stop finding other means to get around this money-laden network.

One of the techniques that scammers can use is simply sending messages to the users with claims that they have received money from a certain Facebook friend. In this case, the most basic thing any novice user would do is open their Messenger app in order to get the cash. This may lead to huge damages as these attackers might have full access to your banking details.

In this regard, the users are warned to stay vigilant of such messages that claim they have been sent money by friends. In short, what the experts are saying is that you should think before you click on any message that comes from your friend claiming that he/she has sent you money. It is better to confirm from the friend first before proceeding with clicking the link.