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WhatsApp Plus Download and Install Ban-Free Version for Android


Are you aware that it is now possible to download and install WhatsApp Plus on your Android phone without getting banned? Well, there you know.

There is a very easy way of avoiding the ban and enjoying this super-amazing application that has been causing WhatsApp so much trouble in the recent past. If anything, WhatsApp Plus is arguably the best alternative you can get for WhatsApp.

How to get ban-free WhatsApp Plus on your Android phone

The first thing you must do to use WhatsApp Plus on your phone is to remove the currently installed version. However, before you remove it, make sure you have created a backup of the conversations so that you can still restore them later on. Once this is done, head to the Security or Apps settings of your phone and check the Unknown sources option so as to allow apps from third party sites to install on your device. You can always have these settings reverted once the clone app has been installed.

Once the above settings are in place, direct your web browser to and download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus 7.0.0 APK and save it on your phone. You can even use your PC to download the file and transfer it to your phone via USB or Bluetooth. After the app is fully installed, it will ask you for your phone number to activate it. Enter the number you used to register for the original app and the new WhatsApp Plus account will be activated. You will now be able to take full advantage of both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus in a single app.

Why install WhatsApp Plus?

Well, if you haven’t tried this app, you are missing out on quite a lot. WhatsApp Plus has a lot to offer, all of which cannot be found on WhatsApp. As noted above, you will be able to take full advantage of all the features of WhatsApp when using this Plus app. However, the clone app adds a lot more zest to everything that the original app offers.

It is possible to play around with almost everything on WhatsApp Plus – be it the themes (more than 700 themes available for download), fonts, backgrounds, icons and even some settings. You will notice the clone app from a distance since it comes with blue as the dominant color as opposed to the green that dominates the original app.

Make sure that you restore your messages when you install the new WhatsApp Plus on your phone. This will ensure that you carry on with your conversations from where you left them on the previous app. Another thing to take note of is that the two apps cannot co-exist on the same phone. Remove the original app first before you attempt to install the clone WhatsApp Plus otherwise, you will be banned.

Have you tried WhatsApp Plus on your Android phone? Do you think the WhatsApp team should take some of the features of WhatsApp Plus to make the service better?