The Bitdefender antivirus program has earned itself the reputation of protecting the customers from various virus invasions.

Bitdefender antivirus plus 2015 has gone through a review by the Consumer High Five. This is done in an attempt to improve the quality of the antivirus solution, to the benefit of any potential user.

To start with, everybody would want to go for that software that is easy to install. It is never fun to realize that the software you have just purchased will take you several hours to install.It is because of this that Bitdefender has made a move to simplify this step. The moment the Bitdefender antivirus plus has been purchased and the program downloaded, the software will scrutinize the PC. This is to ascertain as to whether there is any kind of malware or not. It is after this scan that the Bitdefender will fully download the program required to run.

Everything will normally take an approximation of 15 minutes. This is obviously an improvement; you no longer have to spend several frustrating hours trying to fix a program that you have just bought. You will be good to go in just a few minutes. It is very much advised that before one decides to download the Bitdefender to deactivate any other antivirus program that might have been installed in the computer. Let it be noted that the reason as to why the installation can take time to complete is the fact that the Bitdefender has to scan the computer for any virus before installing.

We will only go for those antivirus programs that can guarantee protection. It is however not easy to assess the ability of an antivirus program to keep you safe from malware. It is for this reason that the AV-test has been invented. It does all the work for you. They conduct thorough tests on all antivirus programs annually. This is aimed at gauging how well they can protect our computers from various infections. From the previous results, Bitdefender has always been ahead of the pack; although other antivirus programs such as Kaspersky and Norton have come closely behind it.

Bitdefender has built a name as a top antivirus protector that the market can offer. The fact that the program received the AV-test award in 2013 is just but a confirmation of its non-disputed protective qualities. With Bitdefender, one can never go wrong. It is the best protection available for your gadget right now.

It is not always easy to detect Bitdefender operating, a part from the fact that it will cause a bit of slowdown in the system when doing the scan. Otherwise, this antivirus program operates very smoothly in the background. Most complaints as to the performance of Bitdefender revolve around speed. This, as explained earlier, is due to the fact that the antivirus program takes time to scan for any possible malware.

In conclusion, Bitdefender antivirus program is the best. It is therefore my suggestion that anybody looking for a program that will ensure protection should not look further than the Bitdefender.

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