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Download and Install iOS 9 on Your iPhone or iPad Device


By singing up for the iOS 9 BETA software using your Apple ID, you will be able to test out the upcoming iOS 9 version before it gets fully released on September 2015. This way, you will be able to report bugs and errors that you find, so that the developers will be able to fix them before they release the final version.

iOS 9 will be released on the upcoming iPhones that will be released this fall, but soon enough, other iPhones and iPads will receive an update for it.

How to install iOS 9 on your iPhone or iPad device

First of all, you will need to sign up to the BETA program by heading to Once this webpage loads, you will need to use your Apple ID and agree with the terms of service. From there, you will need to select “enroll your iOS device” to get started. You will also need to backup your iOS data and after that tap on “Download Profile”, where you will be prompted to install the new iOS 9 BETA software. Once you do that, go to Settings->General->Software Update to try out the iOS 9 BETA.

The iOS 9 features new version of the “News” application, which will replace the “Newsstand” one. The News application will gather information from some well known news sources and publications. This way, the application will bring stories that are relevant to you, which you will be able to read.

At the same time, the iOS 9 comes with a new photo application, URL and map adding functionality to the Notes application, a new transit feature for Apple Maps and more.

Using iOS 9 you will be able to run applications at the same time using the Slider Over and Split View features, which will allow you to quickly switch to a second application whenever you want. This is great when you are writing a document, but want to see whenever someone sends you a message on Facebook. This way, you will be able to keep opened two applications, at the same time, on the same screen and switch from one application to another with ease.

When you will try to install iOS 9 on your device, you will need to have 1.3GB of free space which is very low, compared to iOS 8, which was requiring over 4GB free space to get installed.

It is good to know that currently there are 84% of people who are using iOS 8 on their iOS device and only 14% are using iOS 7. This means that there are more and more people who prefer to update their devices to the newest operating system, which not only comes with new features, but it also fixes a lot of annoying bugs that are found in the previous iOS versions.

iOS 9 will be compatible with iPad 2/iPhone 4S and later, the 5th generation of iPod Touch, iPad Airs and iPad Minis.