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How To Choose A Laptop For Gaming – Top Tweaks For Ultimate Gaming


Until now, the hardcore gamers were spending mountains of money on desktop computers with advanced graphics cards, which supported any games. Slowly, laptops were upgraded to have the same specs as PCs and now, they can handle any modern game, rich in story and with complex graphics. But it’s very hard to choose the best laptop for gaming, when there are so many things you must take into consideration, such as the price, how much power they use, what hard drive they come with etc.

Powerful processors take too much energy to use

You are tempted to buy the laptop with the best hardware configuration, which features the latest high end processor which claims to run as fast as the wind. Remember that a faster CPU creates heat and requires a lot of power to keep it cool. Also, you should check the compatibility of your processor with the rest of the components, because in case of compatibility issues, your gaming experience will not be the greatest.

Cheap laptops are not necessarily mediocre

Depending on the budget, a gamer will buy the laptop that he can afford, and if he’s short on money, he’ll choose a cheaper laptop that can handle many games. Not the most complex ones, that’s for sure. Anyway, you shouldn’t rush to buy the first laptop that you find in stores. Check the prices from multiple stores, because we’re pretty sure it costs less in other parts.


Many laptops come with the traditional spinning hard drives which the users believe they’re reliable. HDDs are metal platters with a magnetic coating, while SSDs store data on interconnected flash memory chips which keep the data even when the system is turned off. As a gamer, you’ll have to learn what the differences between these drives are and choose the one that is more reliable.

Heating problems

Laptops heat up pretty badly when they’re overused, but you can take measures and buy an external fan blower which will cool down your laptop and you will be able to play your favorite game without “burning” your fingers.