HTC is one of the few companies that has stuck to the design of the phone and constantly improves it.

It has gotten to a point where the HTC One series is considered a brand just like HTC. The HTC One M9 benefits from the constant improvement of the brand and the phone is really beautiful. Inside, the One M9 is also a great phone, but every phone could use a little tweaking to make it perfect. Here are five tips that will improve your M9 experience.

Use BlinkFeed Offline

Depending on your preference, the BlinkFeed is either the best or the worst feature of the HTC One M9. The panel can be accessed from the homescreen and shows a list of news and posts from your social networks and news websites. The outlook of the feature is clean, but some people just hate it. BlinkFeed is accessible only when you are connected to the internet, but there is a way to read posts when you are offline as well. You need to open the settings menu located in the slide-out navigation bar. The offline reading mode is disabled, and you need to enable it. Once you do, every time you connect to the internet, BlinkFeed will cache all the posts, and the content can be accessed by a button in the upper right corner.

Use Gestures and Motions

Gestures and motions are a huge aspect of the HTC One M9 experience and they are also disabled by default. The gestures are shortcuts for some features of the phone, and you can enable them in Settings > Display and Gestures > Motion Launch Gestures. There are four gestures you can turn on. One of them is double tap or swipe up for waking up the screen. Other options include auto answer calls by holding the device up to the ear, lowering the volume when you pick up the phone, flip to mute, or use three finger swipe to push your video or audio that are playing at the moment.

Never Miss a Call

The HTC One M9 has two features that improve the audio call experience. The first one is pocket mode, which can be turned on in Settings > Sound and Notifications. The pocket mode detects whether your phone is in a pocket and then increases the volume when you get incoming call or message. Another feature is “quiet ring on pickup”. This mode can be enabled in motions and gestures, but also in Sound and Notifications menu. Once you pick up the phone, the M9 will lower the sound, just so you do not go nuts.

Custom Camera

The HTC One M9 does have an impressive camera, but you will have to tweak it. The bad news is that auto mode doesn’t work as well as it works on other flagship devices. The good news is that pro mode or manual mode is much better. However, it is just painful to change the settings every time you pick up your phone to take a picture. That is why the custom mode is an excellent feature that helps. You can setup the custom mode in your camera app, adjust exposure, ISO, white balance and everything else and then save it. After you save it, you can access it easily.

Customize Themes

One of the biggest aspects of the M9 experience is the themes that HTC has provided for the users. There are tons of ready themes that HTC gives to the users, but there is also the possibility to customize your phone anyway you like it with a personal theme. You need to go to Settings > Personalize to tweak your theme. Open the application and you will see lots of options to choose. Tap the menu located in the upper left section, go to My themes and click on the “+” button. This will allow you to create your own theme, choosing the background image from gallery or anywhere else. You can set layers, edges, frames and much more.

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