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Have you ever realized that there can be a challenge to look ugly?

Looking beautiful can be considered but can a person’s ugliness be rewarded? If you think it cannot happen then, you have missed the major buzz that is revolving around the Instagram fans.

Instagram is a social sharing app where you can click any photograph you like or think is creative, upload it with a caption and share it with your colleagues, friends or family. This app has increased its presence by being one of the best social platforms for business. You can experience almost every type of business using Instagram to build its online presence. On the other hand, it is bringing a few of the craziest contests to keep the audience engaged.

What is the Challenge?

The challenge is all about the users making ugly faces or highlighting their ugliness through makeup and uploading those snaps on Instagram. The trial started on Monday and Instagram faced a pool of people using the hashtag #dontjudgechallenge to enter the contest. The reports confirmed that in just 24 hours there were approximately 85 thousand people using this hashtag and trending on Instagram with ugly faces. On the other hand, even Twitter entertained similar challenge but a misspelled one – #dontjudgechallange.

How is the Challenge Perked?

For 3dontjudgechallenge, teens are posing themselves as unattractive in the photographs. Ugly here means putting on a pair of spectacles, messing up of the hair, stained tooth or coloring multiple teeth, fake acnes. Most of the users were found smearing lipstick over the face. It kind of looked ugly but was compared to ‘Miranda Sings’ of YouTube. Many Instagrammers also shot video with audio played in the background. They used the app ‘’ where this challenge is assumed to be originated.

What are the Similar Challenges?

The #dontjudgechallenge is not the first challenge where we could see thousands of people participating. Similar other challenges that evolved many users to become actively a part were Challenge of Ice Bucket, Lip Challenge of Kylie Jenner.

Instagram has made its way to being popular through many such challenges and advertisements. Moreover, the products it has introduced have revolutionized the entire crowd of users using the social sharing app.It is blowing people’s mind for half a decade now. Though the resolution of every image is a little dull, people do not seem to pay any heed to it but enjoy.

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