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New Apple iPhone Ad Could Trigger a Fight with Google’s Android Fans


Most commercials usually focus on talking the best of their products and features, but Apple has now tried to make themselves look bigger, by possibly making Google’s Android devices look smaller.

While it is not explicitly stated in their new iPhone ads, every other element of the advertisement talks about how a company should be making its own parts, both software and hardware. It is an obvious dig against Google because the company is the developers of Android, but they don’t have direct control over the software. All manufacturers make their own phones, use the operating system and distribute it to the public. According to Apple, this is a bad way of making devices because they may not sync with one another to deliver the right customer experience.

Hardware, Software Sync

In the first ad, Apple wants everyone to know that they are making both the hardware parts and the software parts for their iPhone. In the full video, you can spot that the word parts have been used multiple times and they want the users to know that a device wouldn’t work properly unless everything is made by the same people. In other words, you can say that the best experience can be delivered only by Apple in the highest price tag that they impose for a phone without contract.

At the end of the video, the text imposes that if it’s not an iPhone, it is not an iPhone. The claim is another blow on Google that nothing can replace their precious iPhone. Instead, every other device including the ones made by LG, Motorola, Lenovo, among many other companies simply want to mimic them even though they can’t achieve it without owning both the hardware and software parts!

Ads that Don’t Make Sense

The problem with the two new ad videos that Apple has released is that they hardly bring anything new to the market. If it was creative, people would have noticed. It doesn’t have an announcement for new features, but simply state things that everyone already knows. Besides, the company also claims that over 99 percent of people who own an iPhone love their phone which confirms that it is the best device in the world.

Sounds like an amazing claim to make. After all, if you love the device you own, it’s the best right? We would like to leave the discussion to you in the comments section after you watch the clips.