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Samsung Galaxy S6 – Three Ways you Can Extend Battery Life


Fans of the Samsung Galaxy S6 have only one critique for the company.

That is, battery life. Truth be told, the battery of the Galaxy S6 can last a full day without problems. But its capacity is small, much smaller than other flagships on the market. And even with quick charging, at times it feels like you could use much more battery juice from the Samsung Galaxy S6. If you are facing the same problem, here are three ways you can extend the battery life of your phone.

Change Brightness to Manual

Automatic brightness is the No.1 enemy of battery life. Automatic brightness means that you will almost always have maximum brightness on your phone. And let’s be real, nobody is that blind. Even at 50% brightness, the Galaxy S6 is bright enough and visible enough to operate without problems. Change brightness to manual, and lower it to 50% or lower if you can handle. Don’t worry for operating your phone in dark places, as the S6 is smart enough to adjust. Samsung has added a feature that makes the screen go to maximum brightness when it needs to, even though your manual brightness is set at 40-50%.

Embrace Ultra Power Saving Mode

Let’s be real here, do you need your phone on maximum capacity during the night? No. The night, or the time when you are sleeping is an excellent time to put your phone to ultra power saving mode. This mode turns off your background applications, turns the screen to black/green and you get only basic functions. The only functions you can use during ultra power saving mode are messages, audio calls and internet browsing. Let’s say you sleep for about 6 to 8 hours. Using ultra power saving mode, you will waste only 2% of your battery during that time. With normal mode, you might lose around 6-8% of your battery. Small and subtle things matter.

Go Dark

Samsung has placed an AMOLED display on the Galaxy S6. The way AMOLED displays work, it is always better to have a dark background, dark theme and everything darker in order to get better efficiency from your phone. Bright backgrounds force the AMOLED display to use more power in order to show everything. That is why, the first thing you need to do once you unpack your S6 is to change everything you can to be darker.