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Sony Xperia Z4v vs. Samsung Galaxy S6 – The Only Flagship that Can Rival S6 Wireless Charging


There are a few phones on the market that support wireless charging and Samsung has three of them with the S6, S6 Active and S6 Edge.

One flagship from another company that also supports wireless charging is the Xperia Z4v. It is an improved version of the Xperia Z4 and it is available only in the US. Verizon is the only carrier that sells the version with the wireless charging support. Apart from wireless charging, the Xperia Z4v can rival the Samsung Galaxy S6 in other aspects as well.

Design and Display

The Z4v version is a little bigger, and heavier than the standard Z4 version. The design is the same, but the measurements are 144 x 72 x 8.7 with weight set at 162 grams. And while the phone is not as thin and as sleek as the Galaxy S6, it is still a beautifully designed phone. Just for comparison, the measurements of the S6 are 143 x 70 x 6.8 and weight of 138 grams. However, there is one area where the Z4v can compete with the S6 head to head and that is the display size and resolution. The Z4v has a 5.2 inches display with QHD resolution, giving the phone 0.1 inches size advantage over the Galaxy S6. It is still a compact phone, with little more room.

Hardware and Operating System

The Xperia Z4v is powered by the same Snapdragon 810 chipset as the Z4. This is one area where the flagship cannot compete with the Galaxy S6 and its powerful Exynos 7420 chipset. That is not to say that the phone is slow. On the contrary, casual users might not even notice the difference. But the Galaxy S6 is the most powerful phone on the market right now and it is not even close with the competition. The OS experience is also different, as the Xperia Z4v has its own Sony skin on top of it. It is a different experience than the TouchWiz UI of the S6 and we leave it to user’s preference to decide which one is better suited for them.


In the camera section, the Z4v has the same problem as the Z4. The phone has a powerful camera, a 20-MP sensor on the back, but it lacks quality lenses and optical image stabilization. Starting from the lenses, the f/2.3 aperture of the Xperia Z4v allows a lot less light than the Samsung Galaxy S6. The difference in quality is evident, as the S6 has f/1.9 aperture that is much better suited for photography.