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The Sims 4 Now Has New Relax Spots with SPA Day Game Pack


Electronic Arts in association with developer Maxis has confirmed that the Sims 4 is all set to receive another game pack.

The term DLC has been redefined by the company and has been split into different types of content.

Expansion packs have always been popular with the Sims series,and they add a whole new dimension to the title. There were titles like Hot Date, Medieval stories among many others. Now, it has been reduced to game packs which doesn’t have so much content as an expansion pack but will bring in new costumes, location, and specific activities. The previously launched Outdoor Retreatpack allowed players to go on a camp trip and enjoy fun activities with other characters. They could wear exotic costumes including a bear costume and also create a campfire, put up tents beside other stuff.

Relax in an SPA

With the Sims 4 SPA day game pack, you can now make your avatars spend a relaxing day in massage parlors,get some treatment for their nails, enjoy a steam bath and refresh themselves. The developers at Maxis have confirmed that the game pack will bring three different sized SPAs in which the Sims could relax themselves. One of them would be incredibly luxurious designed for those who have excessive simleons in their account while others could opt for any of the two available. They will be smaller in size and designed to cater to the majority of the Sims.

The good thing about this new pack is that when you purchase it, you can either start building your SPA through meticulous work or simply download the ones designed by other players. Maxis will offer only three but as it is known, players will make dozens of them real soon as soon as the SPA maker gets launched. You can use it explore brand new places from time to time.

Expansion Packs are delayed

Latest sources add that the expansion packs including the ones that might allow you to Sim to study in a university, travel in time among other interesting add-ons has been postponed. The Sims 4 had a rocky launch as it missed some of the important features that players wanted. Swimming pools that allowed them to drown simply their characters were missing that annoyed the lot thatwas later added. Due to these distractions, Maxis now has to take more time to bring those expansion packs to the table.