It is no longer news to many people that recently, Google bought a popular community-based navigation app known as Waze.

It cost the company 1.03 billion US dollars. The app is still new and it is therefore very much expected that it is still a strange concept to many people. It is the aim of this article is to expose the reader to all the relevant information regarding Waze.

Just like any other mapping service, Waze has a global positioning system that is voice guided. It is able to give turn-by-turn directions.

Waze has got an active community of users. This app allows them to share real time traffic and road updates. This means that you will be informed in advance of any reported development on the route you are using; for instance, the occurrence of an accident, police checks and in case the road has been closed, probably for maintenance purposes. You can then be in a position to reconsider your destination for your own good.

With time, Waze would be in a position to master your most frequent routes and consequent destinations. It will then be in a position to use this kind of information to identify those features that can aid your journey; for instance, finding the cheapest gas station along the way.

It is upon the user to report information through the hands-free voice control. This voice control is normally made active when you move your hand in front of the screen of your smart phone. This movement also initiates the phone’s proximity sensor.

If you need to be alerted on traffic flow, all you need is to say prompts such as ‘report traffic’. You will then be in a position to receive updates on the changes in traffic trend along the route you are using. This is advantageous in the sense that you can always easily avoid being by stuck in traffic unnecessarily.

The most striking thing about Waze is its social and gamification features. Anytime a user contributes with some kind of road information, he or she earns points. The more points a user gets, the higher she/he will be ranked in the Waze user community. One can always move from the rank of ‘Waze baby’ to ‘Waze royalty’.

Let it not escape the knowledge of any reader of this article that Waze, as an app, has not been designed to perfection. It has got its fair share of problems. That is the reason as to why the users will be much appreciated if they make contributions by editing Waze maps to fix the problems that they may come across. Your editing permissions will rise the more you drive and edit.

With Waze, you do not have to update your friends on how long you have driven and how long it will take you to arrive at the desired destination.Your buddies will be in a position to see for themselves.

Waze has also been integrated into Facebook. This means that directions for Facebook events which the users have been invited will be seen on the app.

The people who came up with Waze, built it with the assumption that everybody would be in a position where they can access a data network connection or at least a good number of potential users. Waze is only useful to those who are connected to the internet.

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