When compared to the Android and iOS platforms, WhatsApp for Windows Phone has been on the lower end of the list when it comes to receiving updates and new features.

Despite the fact that there are lots of major updates and features that have been updated on the Windows Phone version of WhatsApp, there are still quite a lot that is yet to appear on this platform. Voice calling is now available on this platform and so is the WhatsApp Web PC client. However, the developers are definitely working day and night on bringing more of the features and services already available on Android and iOS onto this platform.

The good side of the story is that the developers of this app have been pushing out updates through the beta testing program and in this way; they get a chance to test the features before they make them public and available on the stable version. If you are one of those on the beta program, you will be among the first persons to receive the updates. However, the beta app is more vulnerable to bugs and errors as opposed to the stable version that is usually available for free download from the official Windows Phone Store.

It’s not that long since WhatsApp rolled out a beta version that came in with more bug fixes and improvements to the voice calling feature. However, it seems the developers have begun focusing a lot on this platform as this new version comes in only a few days after the previous version was rolled out. This new beta version comes in with a number of improvements, new features as well as updates to the previous features. At the moment, these features are not available on the stable version, but it won’t be long before they appear there.

Users of WhatsApp for Windows Phone to start getting in-app notifications

The latest update of WhatsApp for Windows Phone beta comes in with lots of focus on the notifications aspect. If anything, the latest additions to this platform are aimed at giving the users more control over their WhatsApp notifications.

One major addition is the Alert Control, which will let the users turn off their notifications completely; however, they will still be in a position to know which of their messages haven’t been read, thanks to the call and text counter. Users of WhatsApp on the Windows Phone platforms will also be able to access the in-app notifications where they will be able to see notifications from other chat threads even if you are active in another thread.

Another new addition to the latest WhatsApp beta version for Windows Phone is the ability to preview messages. The Message Preview feature now lets the users see the name of the contact the message has come from instead of the previous case, which only indicated that there is a new WhatsApp message.

These are just a few of the many additions we expect to see on this platform in the near future, especially with the looming release of Windows 10 Mobile. However, be notified that this latest beta version is only available for members of the WhatsApp beta testing program.

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