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Gmail Free Download – Here's a Quick Guide to Use Gmail's Forwarding Filters


Forwarding filters are of great use as they save majority of your time by automatically filtering emails from a particular sender or emails consisting of some typical keywords.

If you did not know how to use this feature, you have landed at the right place. Follow the following steps and sort all the emails automatically.

Landing to the ‘Filters’ menu tab

The first and the most basic point of action for reaching to the ‘Filters’ menu is to log in to your Gmail account. Enter your email id and password and hit the ‘Sign In’ button. Click the ‘Settings’ icon which is to the right side of your Gmail pane. Choose ‘Settings’ option from the drop down list and hit enter. You will now be able to see a screen where all the settings for your Gmail account can be handled. From the horizontal list of options, click the ‘Forwarding’ option.

Setting the Forwarding Address

You will be able to see a ‘click to action’ button that will help you to add an address where the emails can be forwarded. Enter the email address of the account where you need to forward all the necessary emails and hit the ‘Next’ button. You can now get back to your Gmail account again and confirm the address that you just added for forwarding all the emails.

Adding Filters to the Account

In the same Settings page, you will find ‘Filters’ as an option in the horizontal list of actions. Select it and click on the option ‘Create a new filter’ at the bottom of the settings page. Fill all the necessary details in the boxes. In the ‘From’ option, you can punch in an email address which you want to forward. Fill the name of the recipients in the ‘To’ option. ‘Subject’ tab will have all the type of subjects you want to filter and forward. For example, if you wish to forward emails with a subject line ‘Important’, all the emails with this keyword will be filtered and forwarded to your mentioned email address.

Enter all the necessary keywords in ‘Has the words’ section to filter. ‘Has attachment’ will have emails forwarded to your set forwarding id with attachments. Mails without attachments will not be filtered and forwarded. The chats with the keywords will automatically get forwarded; hence, to avoid this situation you can simply check the checkbox to avoid including chats in the forwarded emails. You can even enter the size of the email. If you wish to forward all bulk emails to your forwarded address, set the particular size.

The Final Steps

After filling up all the necessary details, click the option to create the filter with the above mentioned searches and move on to check the action that allows you to forward the emails to the email address you have set for forwarding all the emails. And at last, enter the ‘Create Filter’ call to action button.

In this way, you can filter all particular emails to your mentioned email address.