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Google Maps Free Download App – Understanding the Popular Web Mapping Service


Google Maps is an app that was developed by Google.

It is a desktop and a mobile web advertising service. Web mapping refers to the technique of using maps given by the geographical information system (GIS). It goes beyond web cartography. It doubles up as a service activity and a consumer activity. This does not however form the major subject of discussion in this article as you will notice when going through.

Google Maps offers a variety of features. These include, satellite imagery, street maps, 360 degrees view of streets, conditions of traffic in places as they are and route planning which allows various road users to plan accordingly for their journeys.

Google Maps has an Application Programming Interface (API). The API enables maps to be fixed firmly on third party websites. It is also a locator from various businesses in town and some organisations in countries all over the world.

World images on Google Map are not up to date, but data keeps being added to Google to their primary database on a regular basis. Google will not support websites whose images are more than three years old.

The Google map program app was designed by Lars and Jens at Where 2 technologies. Initially, Google Maps was on the c+++ program.

Google later acquired the company in October 2004. It is at this time that the program was changed to a web application. It was in the same month that Google acquired Keyhole. Google Maps was then launched in February 2005.

Google maps cannot show areas around the pole very accurately. This is due to the fact that this app uses a close alternative of the Mercator projection. Mercator projection is a cylindrical map projection. Currently, there are two versions of Google Maps; the ‘class’ version that had even existed before 2013 and the redesigned version that was availed in 2013.

In August 2013, Google Maps for mobiles was the most popular app in the world for the users of smartphones. It was approximated that around 54% of the smart phone users around the world had used it at least once.

Satellite view basically makes use of aerial photography. It is a top-down kind of view. Majority of the satellite imagery available in the world today are less than three years. They are normally updated on a regular basis.

Satellite or aerial images produced by Google maps for most urban areas in the world have a high resolution. It should not be expected that all satellite images will appear with the same resolution. Some areas will always have more details than the others, depending on the size of the population they have.