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Google Play Store 5.7.10 Update Download Available – Unlimited Fixes and Features


It seems that Google has updated its Play Store application once again. The Google Play Store is usually being updated once a month and it comes with a lot of bug fixes and other upgrades that will make the application run smoothly, without any issues.

When a new version of Google Play Store gets released, it brings many upgrades and updates, and the biggest change was the new Material Design that was brought to the application so that it could match the Android Lollipop OS.

A lot of the changes that the Google Play Store has “suffered” were because of the Android OS Lollipop. We’re pretty sure that once the Android M will get released, the Google Play Store will also benefit from a lot of changes because of this.

There are rumors which say that Google is planning to expand its Play Store with the big search engine because the company is looking to enter the Chinese market. According to these rumors, Google is in talks with Huawei about releasing a new app store to the Chinese market.

For now, Google’s services are banned in China and in case the big search engine will successfully introduce its app store in there, the revenues will be enormous.

Google Play Store 5.7.10: Downloading and Installing

First of all, we remind you that the Google Play Store 5.7.10 might not work with the Android M developer preview version and this is why we suggest you to test it out on a fully released version of Android.

To install Google Play Store 5.7.10 on your Android device, you will firstly have to download it from the internet. To do this, just do a quick search on Google for “Google Play Store 5.7.10 APK” and download it on your Android device. After that, you will need to enable the Unknown Sources option from Settings->Applications or Settings->Security.

Once you have the installation (APK) file and you’ve enabled Unknown Sources, just head to the location where you’ve saved the Google Play Store 5.7.10 and manually install it on your Android device.