The news is yet to be officially confirmed as 343 Industries have not discussed about the resolution and frame rates for Halo 5 Guardians.

From the way things are going, this might probably be bad news for the Xbox One gamers.

Most titles on PC these days run at 1080p resolution even with graphic cards that are at least two or three years older. But, both the PS4 console and the Xbox One have been struggling to achieve the resolution. It has been confirmed that the Sony PS4 exclusive, Uncharted 4, will run at full HD 1080p resolution, but it will make a compromise by delivering all single player campaign missions at 30 FPS. That is definitely a downgrade because if you have experienced games at full 60 frames per second, it is impossible to go back.

Halo 5 Takes a New Route

The good news is Halo 5 Guardians is not going to compromise on graphics quality and might be one of the best looking games with an interesting single player campaign on the Xbox One console. It is made possible with the help of reducing the resolution to 900p. While the changes may not be visible to the naked eye, if you are going to play it on a 55-inch television, it might be evident in some places. However, the increased frame rates at 60 FPS might be better for the game, as it will look awesome when you get to shoot enemies with such response rate.

Resolution vs Frame Rate

PS4 and Xbox One console are both struggling to deliver the best looking exclusives. While Halo 5 Guardians is coming this year, Uncharted 4 has been postponed to 2016 so as to make it look better before launch. While the companies may not admit this openly, the consoles don’t sport the best hardware. In an attempt to keep prices low, the companies have compromised too much that they are now in a situation where most next gen games don’t look so good and are finding it impossible to deliver 60 FPS.

With an interesting campaign and the best multiplayer on Xbox, Halo 5 might just win the hearts of millions of gamers with its game play rather than graphics. The technical details won’t matter much for fans, but the only problem is that if these consoles are so slow in 2015, we just can’t imagine their situation towards the end of their lifecycle in 2018 or so.

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