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Instagram – Use Deskgram as Instagram to Manage your Account from PC


Instagram is one of the leading apps for social connectivity.

The easy-to-use interface is pulling everyone to click, edit, upload and share photographs on Instagram. Moreover, Instagram is also assumed to steal the retailer’s business by becoming a robust business platform for online sellers.

To handle everything from a smartphone on Instagram becomes a little difficult. Hence, to make this app run a little easier, Instagram has introduced Deskgram, where you can upload photos from your personal computer to your Instagram account.

Services of Deskgram

Deskgram is an advanced version of desktop Instagram. Earlier, though you had access to Instagram through the computer, you were unable to upload photos. With Deskgram you can upload as may snaps with high quality resolution as you want. You can even comment on your friend’s post or like any of your follower’s pictures. You can follow the profile you like on Deskgram just as you click on the ‘Follow’ tab in the Instagram app. On the other hand, if you do not wish to receive any updates from any of the followers, you can ‘Unfollow’ them as you do it in the app.

Deskgram provides a feature where you can create your own deskboard with a specific title. You can pin all the relevant photographs and can have as many boards as you want. Deskgram works at its best in Firefox and Chrome browser.

Support for Online Marketing

Instagram has become one of the most powerful tools to express your brand visually. As the younger generation gives prior importance to visual content, many marketers need a strong dais where they can upload and share videos and photos to keep engaging the audience for visual comfort.

The companies can use Instagram’s PC version to upload the images of high resolution for branding their products, changing profile images or pinning clicks on board. With the help of Deskgram, you even receive an embedded code that can be utilized in your company’s website for videos or images. This can help you pull more traffic to your website and Instagram successively.

Instagram has shoved the use of social sharing apps as a business dais to a great extent. In addition to that, the products enhanced by Instagram such as Deskgram can allow the marketers to make a huge profit by being a seller online instead of spending money on building web pages and optimizing them. A ready-to-use platform like Instagram can prove to be beneficial to every user in gaining popularity and fame.