One of the possible reasons why Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has been delayed is because the company is going to add more retail partners in order to sell the Surface Pro 3 and other tablets from the Surface line that they still have in stock.

According to CRN, Microsoft is trying to extend the Surface tablets reseller base, by inviting new companies to become partners in order to exclusively resell Microsoft’s flagship tablets.

However, even if there will be more further partners that will sell Microsoft tablets in the near future, it seems that the release of the Surface Pro 4 may happen yet. Actually, new rumors claim that the Surface Pro 4 tablet will be released sometime in 2016.

In concordance with Business Korea, Samsung signed a new deal with Microsoft to supply the 256GB SSDs for its upcoming laptops. It seems that Samsung is going to deliver over 20 million 256GB SSDs in the second half of 2016.

The upcoming SSDs are made using Samsung’s non-volatile memory express (NVMe) technology which is capable of transferring data at 2GB per second. With other words, this is three times faster than the speed of the Surface Pro 3’s 600 MB per second.

Meanwhile, some rumors about the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 4 have surfaced. It seems the upcoming tablet will feature a 12inch screen display that will support a 2K pixel resolution. The device will feature a Skylake processor, USB Type-C port and all other accessories that are found on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. With other words, this will be an ultra-portable laptop that will be enjoyed by many business people.

Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t want to comment anything about the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 but we’re pretty sure that soon enough the American multinational technology company will come with some official news about this upcoming device.

When do you think that Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will be released?

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