Everyone knows by now that Sony’s PS4 console has sold higher in numbers when compared to Xbox One which is fast catching up.

But, with increased number of consoles in the market, it is obvious that more people will be buying games on the Playstation 4 than any other platform. Ubisoft, one of the biggest game publishers in the world confirmed that majority of their software has sold on this console than anything else. Even though, older generation PS3 and Xbox 360 continue to generate revenue, they are becoming obsolete with every passing day. Surprisingly, PC has caught up and is in the second rank while Xbox One is not doing so well because of less gamers on the platform.

No Exclusives in Sight

While Ubisoft did confirm that they are going to take some drastic measures in the company that will allow them to launch bug free games with impressive graphics, they also added that the brand has witnessed a downfall due to bad launches. Watch Dog was the first big failure, because it was such a visual marvel when showcased during the E3 conference; but later the graphics was hugely dumbed down to make them run on older generation consoles.

When it got launched on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, there was hardly anything left for the gamers to admire about. The game was very mediocre at the most, had a small world filled with repetitive missions and didn’t deliver things as promised which disappointed the lot. Spending $60 for games is not a problem, but it is supposed to give you things that are worth the money. Assassin’s Creed Unity sealed the fate of the company which led to its downfall. Despite the claim, PS4 isn’t doing as well as Sony wants it to due to lack of exclusives.

The biggest exclusive Uncharted 4 has been postponed so many times and is now scheduled for a 2016 launch. Their competitor Xbox One is doing great either because it’s Halo 5 Guardians is coming towards the end of 2015, while Gears of War comes next year. Only when game developers and console manufacturers start delivering next gen games as promised on these platforms instead of rehashing old games in HD quality, will the gamers embrace them and not complain. Let’s just hope Sony and Microsoft are listening so that they would finally come up with more games that are worthy of being called next gen, without bugs, obviously!

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