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Tablet Messenger for WhatsApp – How to Download and Install the Unofficial App?


WhatsApp is not new to any smartphone user out there.

This app has millions of followers who use it to send and receive instant messages that include videos, texts, audio recordings as well as photos.

WhatsApp was first made available in the iTunes App Store back in 2009, as a phone-based messaging app. The app later on moved to the Android platform and since then, the story has been the same. The users of Windows Phone, BlackBerry as well as Nokia phones can easily download and install WhatsApp on their devices without any problems.

Just recently, WhatsApp introduced a PC client known as WhatsApp Web. This is not a native app like the phone app; rather it is a web client that must be accessed using a web browser. Even though the same web client can be used on tablets, there is no official version that can be downloaded and installed on tablets, just like with the case of Viber and Skype. However, in this tutorial, we will guide you through a very simple exercise of how to download and install an unofficial but native Tablet Messenger for WhatsApp app on your Android tablet.

How to Download Tablet Messenger for WhatsApp and Install on Android

Head to the official app store of your Android device and search for the Tablet Messenger for WhatsApp app. From the resulting options, select the correct option and on the next page, tap on install. When asked to grant permissions to the app to access certain features and services of your phone, allow it and in a few minutes time, depending on the speed of your internet connection, the app will be installed on your Android tablet. When done, tap on “Open” to launch the app.

When the app opens, you will see something very similar to the desktop app, where there is a QR code on the screen. If you are the sole user of this tablet, you can leave the default option of keeping you signed in checked. However, if this device is shared, uncheck it. There is a directive that says “Use WhatsApp on your phone to scan the QR code”. Head to your phone and tap on the menu tor reveal more options. Select WhatsApp Web and when a QR reader opens, point it to the tablet and when it successfully reads the code, you will be logged into the app.

Using Tablet Messenger for WhatsApp

There is nothing different between using WhatsApp Web and Tablet Messenger for WhatsApp. All the messages on your phone app will now be mirrored to the tablet app. This will affect the messages you send and those you receive.

Tablet Messenger for WhatsApp supports notifications alerts. In case you don’t want these alerts and their sounds to distract you, you can mute them. Go to the menu of the app via the three dots and select Notifications. It is possible to mute the alerts for a short period or even do it permanently. The speech bubble located next to these three dots is responsible for starting new conversations, but you will have to select a contact after tapping on it.