Roku is still the number one choice out there when it comes to streaming devices. The thing that makes it so famous among users is the variety of its devices. Currently, there are 4 such gizmos on the market and they all keep users satisfied. You have the original Roku, the Roku 2 and the Roku 3 (priced at $99.99) and last but not least the Roku Streaming Stick (can be yours for $47.40 only on Amazon) but for the latter, prices might go higher. If you’re new to Roku or if you had one for quite some time, there is more than meets the eye with this device. Check out the following list with the top 6 tricks to use in order to get the best out of your Roku device.

  1. Out of sight Channels

You won’t see all of Roku’s channels sitting on plain sight. In order to see those who are hiding, verify the Roku Guide. Go to the link you want, click on it and then Add Channel. Then his will take you to a Roku account and the next step is to log in and add the code for your preferred channel.

  1. Top Quality

Controlling the quality of the Netflix streaming is pretty easy. You will simply have to log in to Netflix website, go to Your Account, next My Profile and then Playback Settings.

  1. Hardly Any Clicks

It might be a bit tedious to navigate from the remote, however if you set up Roku App( works on Android, Windows and iOS) you will navigate way smoother and your searches will seem effortless and of course the streaming can be performed from your tablet/mobile phone. The screen mirroring feature can be used on the following: Roku 3 and Roku 2 (attention available solely for the 4210 Model) as well as the HDMI variant of Roku Streaming Stick for Windows Phone as well as Android gizmos.

  1. Game Mode: On

Even if the Roku cannot replace PS4 or other game consoles, it is still a pretty handy tool for gaming fanatics. You can head on to Games and choose Pac-Man or Chop Chop Runner. Those of you who bough the Roku 3 also can benefit from a motion controller which has been incorporated into the remote of the device.

  1. 5. Move your Channels around

Your Roku device will show you the channels in the exact order in which you have piled them up. But if you choose Options( see upper right side) pick the asterisk symbol (located in Home Screen) and you can move them around however you please and make sure your top 3 favorite music channels for instance are situated at the top. Give it a try!

  1. Why My Feed?

This is a great feature which will let you know about the upcoming TV shoes/films on Roku channels. To enable it, head on to the main menu, choose My Feed and then leaf through all the upcoming films and shows. You will then have to make your top choices and when these will be available to the public, you will see the details in What It category.

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