Ever since it was first launched the behemoth WhatsApp IM app hasn’t received too many changes regarding its daily function. But not any longer, things are looking up for WhatsApp and users will be pleased to hear about the latest improvements.

The brand new features that have been implemented to WhatsApp Web will give users ease of use. This means you can handle your chats and conversations pretty straightforward via the interface.

Editing photos and your profile has never been easier because now users simply have to drag the actual image to change it. Easy right?

In the chat, conversations can be simply erased or backed-up and you can leave a group conversation whenever you feel like it. The same features are available in your list of conversations with your dear ones. A new element that might surprise you in these brand new features of the WhatsApp Web is the groups users belong to. Currently the contact info as well as the groups has been hit with a brand new update- this is a red knob which is used to leave a group or erase it and of course you can play around with your status or the actual icon. Go crazy then!

You’ll love these new changes because they are all meant to enhance and make your transition and WhatsApp experience a lot smoother. And in case you’ve been missing out on WhatsApp Web, here is how you can install it and enjoy its newest improvements:

  • Those of you who haven’t been part of the WhatsApp wonderland, should head on to their official website and install the app.
  • Be on the lookout for a QR code (should pop-up on the web page) and you have to scan it using WhatsApp mobile app in order to enable the service.
  • Once the code is scanned you will link your mobile WhatsApp with the WhatsApp web client.

Applications WhatsApp Web Shapes Up Performance With Brand New Features