After years of rumors, petitions and teases, Bethesda has finally announced the upcoming Fallout 4. They’ve released a trailer saying that they will bring the game to E3 2015 and after that during the event they’ve also given more information about this upcoming game, such as its release date and more more.

However, the gameplay trailer impressed a lot of players and not only because of the new features that it comes with, but also because of the great graphics. It seems that the developers worked hard on improving the graphics on the Fallout 4 and they’ve succeeded. And let’s not forget that the game is still in development, which means that it will most likely receive some patches that will bring some graphics finishes.

Fallout 4 vs Fallout 3 2

After the Fallout 4 game was revealed, a lot of fans have found themselves quite disappointed of the graphics and the animations that they’ve seen in the trailer. However, let’s not forget that other games that had some great video quality trailers such as Watch Dogs or The Witcher: Wild Hunt, turned out to have a disappointing gameplay video.

However, from the gameplay video that we’ve seen during the E3 2015, we can clearly say that the upcoming Fallout 4 will have some pretty good graphics. Here is the gameplay video that was presented during the E3 2015 event:

However, it seems that not all the Fallout fans agree with us. It seems that many fans believe that the graphics that are in the upcoming Fallout 4 look just slightly improved compared to the ones found in the Fallout 3.

However, let’s not make decisions in haste and let’s wait for the game to be released and see how the graphics will look then. The upcoming Fallout 4 is going to be released on November 10, 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

Fallout 4 vs Fallout 3 3

What are your thought about the graphics of the upcoming Fallout 4?

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