Bethesda has learned an important lesson with Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, which was one of the most critically acclaimed and fan-favorite titles of all times.
Even though, it was such a great game;it had a whole lot of bugs that will never be the case with Fallout 4. The developers confirmed that they had learned a lot about making games for PCs. At the moment, the next gen consoles Playstation 4 and Xbox One shares the same architecture or something that is quite similar. It is important to keep games bug free that is what Bethesda is aiming at now. When it got launched, Skyrim has to be postponed for PS3 and later a slew of patches came out to make the game playable. It was so good and exceptionally open world that players were ready to oversee these obstacles.
Focusing on Saving Saved Games
Imagine you have spent hours to complete a level, accomplish a particular goal and have saved it. Some players even save it more than once to have backup copies. But, when you launch it, the game might crash without any explanation and delete or corrupt the save files along with it. This could easily be the worst scenario for any gamer who would be utterly frustrated. The team at Bethesda wants to make sure this never happens with the upcoming Fallout 4.
The director of the game Todd Howard said, “We have understood what to focus on and what not to focus with the help of Skyrim. For us, save games are going to be the number one priority. A game that crashes is not something that players would approve of. But, if a game corrupts the save files, it is going to be one deadly situation. We want to make sure it never happens at any point. The previous game has taught us a lot, and we are going to implement them all with the upcoming release.”
A Near Perfect Game


While Bethesda didn’t directly confirm this, it is known that Fallout 4 is going to be a game that is exceptionally perfect on launch. It has been under scrutiny for months now and is coming to PS4, Xbox One consoles that are highly influential. The way updates and DLCs were rolled out for Skyrim will also change, confirmed the game director. He assures that the purchase you make will be worthwhile and a game that is worth the wait.

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