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Free Download and Install APK Files From Google Play Store


In case you want to download APK files from the Google Play Store via your Firefox or Google Chrome browser on your computer, then you should know that you can do this without many problems.

In order to download APK files via the two browsers we’ve mentioned above, you will need to install the APK Downloader extension. Once you install it, you will have to visit the Google Play Store webpage ( and search for an application.

When you find the application that you want to download, you will notice that a “Download APK” button will appear next to the “Install” button. To download the APK file, you will just need to click on the “Download Now” button and save it on your computer. This is great for devices that you can’t get connected to the internet.

For example, in case you have a tablet and you don’t have a wireless router, you will still be able to install applications on it by manually downloading APK files on your computer and transferring them to the tablet via an USB cable.

Installing APK Downloader on your Firefox or Google Chrome – Step by Step

First of all, you will need an Android device with Google Play Store connected to your Google Account ( account). After that, you will need to search and install “Device ID” application on the Android device that’s connected to the internet and launch the application to get the ID of your smartphone and the registered email address.

HINT: Save this data somewhere, as we’re going to use it later.

Now go to your computer, open Firefox or Google Chrome and search for APK Downloader extension/addon and add it to the browser.

After installing the APK Downloader, you will notice a login page where you will need to insert your Google Play Store account (gmail account), password and the Android device ID (you will get the Android ID from the “Device ID” application that you’ve installed above).

Now you’re done and from now on, you will able to download APK files directly from your computer via the Firefox or Google Chrome browser!

HINT: In order to manually install APK files on an Android device, you will need to activate the Unknown Sources option that’s found on either Settings->Applications or Settings->Security. Keep in mind that in case you don’t enable this option, you will not be able to install any APK file manually.