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Free Download – Use Hashtags with Photo Uploads for Greater Connectivity


Instagram is used extensively on the Android and iOS devices.

It is one of the best places to meet new people who share the same interest in visual content as you do. As a picture is worth a thousand words, you get to say much more through your photo uploads than you do with blogs or any written posts.
With the advancements in social sharing apps, the developers and users are trying to discover a variety of tricks that can boost its presence. As Instagram allows you to click, upload and share photographs that you like, the users have created many actions that can help in improving the post. One of such discoveries is hashtags.
How can you Use Hashtags
You can tag the pictures that you upload on the mobile devices with just a couple of hashtags. For tagging any click with hashtags, you can just open the picture you want to share through your mobile device. Select a filter or a design template which will grab your attention. Think of a word or a couple of words that best represents your snap and caption it.
On the other hand, you can group two or three words together prefixed with a hashtag such as #chooseyourhashtag. Here the words ‘choose your hashtag’ are clubbed together to make one word and has a hash sign ‘#’ before it. This attempt will enlist your photograph in the #chooseyourhashtag group too. In such a way, you can use multiple hashtags and spread your uploaded photograph to a number of groups and increase your popularity.
In case you did not know about this trick before and want to use it on your older photographs, you can just comment on your click and post an appropriate hashtag in the comment box. After you have tagged the snapshot, just click on the hashtag to check which of the other Instagram users used the same hashtag to propose their photos.
What are the Tips to pick up the Perfect Hashtag
Use descriptive words to best describe your photograph. Also, use a specific hashtag for typical photos. If you have a photograph that talks about ice cream, you can use ‘#iloveicecream’ and get your photo posted in that particular group. Observe how the rest of the users are making use of similar hashtags. In addition to that, you can even use your name if you want people to see your entire collection of snaps in one go.
Hashtags allow you to share your pictures with people who have the same taste and interest. If you are running your business through Instagram, posting photograph with proper hashtags can help you gain your brand bounteous popularity.