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Gmail Free Download App – Have a Back Up of your Emails in just Six Methods


Earlier, people used to save all the written work of their business in files and folders for decades.

With the upcoming technologies, people have started using Gmail for all the email purposes and slowly replaced their official paperwork with emails. Nevertheless, the need to save these emails is viable as you can need any email anytime. Also, you never know when your computer or network crashes and you are left with absolutely no data. Hence, to avoid these situations, it is a need of the hour to back up all the emails.
Here are six methods that can help you in backing up your entire email account in just a few steps.
Method One – Gmail Settings
Login to your Gmail account and search for the settings icon that is to the right corner of your Gmail panel. Select the option ‘Settings’ and choose the ‘Forwarding’ option. Enable the ‘POP’ option under the ‘POP Download’ tab and save the changes. Back it up periodically with the help of your mail client.
Method Two – Gmail’s Backup Download
If you are unable to follow any of the steps, you can just download the software provided by Google through Go to the program directory to open the terminal where you have downloaded the software, run the program and replace the default name ‘dir’ with any name that you want. Enter your email id and password to back up all the emails successfully.
Method Three – The Apple Mails
If you are a Google user for Apple Mails, follow these steps to back up your account. Click the ‘Preferences’ tab after tapping the ‘Mail’ button. Head to the Accounts tab and select the plus sign (+) to add anew account. Enter your name and email address with the Gmail password. After filling all the fields, click the option that will automatically set up your account. You do not have to follow this step if you are using Apple Mail 4.0. And, at the end, click ‘Create’ to back up your emails.
Method Four – Outlook
Choose ‘Mail’ option from the ‘Add’ tab in the ‘Accounts’ section of Tools. Enter the name and hit the next button. Add your Gmail address and again press the next button. In the incoming server mail field, type ‘’. Similarly, for outgoing emails, type ‘’ and click the next button. Enter the complete email address and password in the required fields and tap the finish option.
Select the ‘Properties’ tab to highlight the pop accounts of Gmail and head towards the ‘Advanced’ option. Check the checkbox for a secure SSL connection under Outgoing mail of SMTP. Enter the server as ‘465’ for outgoing emails and ‘995’ for incoming emails and check again the SSL connection. This will allow you to return to the server’s option for authenticating the server. After the entire procedure is carried, hit the OK button.
Method Five – Thunderbird
Open the Thunderbird option and just enter the Gmail id and password. You will be asked to enter the username instead of Gmail id. Usually, the username is the name before ‘’. Your inbox will soon start backing up. However, Thunderbird is not responsible to back up the sent items.
Method Six – Windows Mail
Go to the Account section of the Tools menu and add the email account from the list to click next. Enter your name and Gmail address and head to the page where you have to fill all the server details. The type of incoming mail is POP3 for your account, and the server is Similarly, enable the authentication of theserver after entering the outgoing server name as Hit the next button to enter your complete Gmail id and password. Choose the next button and in the ‘Properties’ tab select the ‘’ checkbox. Enter the number ‘465’ for Outgoing emails and 995 for incoming emails. These are the server ports for your Gmail account. Click OK and close the window of Internet Accounts. Your account is ready for backup.
Backing up is an active step to archive all the emails to the cloud. It is of immense help if your computer fails to load or you suddenly lose track of the data that you have been using to date.