Microsoft acquired Mojang much to the dismay of the players and now with the new Minecraft Windows 10 edition, players opine that they are planning to kill the original version of the game in a slow death.

The actual issue with the newly announced edition which enters beta this July is that it is not as new as it is supposed to be. Instead, in the Reddit community people, who have already dissected the edition, confirmed that it is a downgrade compared to the original game. Minecraft on PC was designed by Mojang on the Java platform, but this edition forces it to run on the C++ platform which makes it really difficult to create mods. Besides, it is the version that is already running on mobile phones and tablets, which is why the game supports cross platform play out of the blue.

Mojang’s Grand Idea

As a developer, Mojang always wanted the best for their community, and even after the Microsoft buyout, the company has been operating almost individually. They want players to be able to play with one another and also with a whole new community, possibly the mobile gamers. Connecting the console games with the PC players is tough, but it is much easier to pair them up with smartphones and tablets which is what has been adopted now.

“Mojang has done a good job by creating a new Minecraft Windows 10 edition which is basically the same. But, instead of Java, it embraces C++ which is the same version as the one already running on the iOS and Android platforms. It enables Microsoft to support cross platform play and to allow everyone to play against each other. More number of players could now join the party”, commented a serious Minecraft gamer on the Reddit community.

Modding is not Easy with C++

While some players do agree that if the C++ version of the game could be introduced to every platform including Xbox One and PS4 consoles, it would be much better. Every player will be enjoying the same game and can compete with each other. In other words, Minecraft Windows 10 edition is the first step towards realizing this idea, but a major compromise has to be made.

Players have to give up on modding as it is not easy to create them for this newer version, whereas Java is much more modder friendly. It is to be seen which version of Minecraft phases out and the one that is going to stay forever.

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