The latest high-end offering from LG is the new LG G4, which may not be radically different from its predecessor – LG G3 – but it makes some substantial changes designed to cement its position in the segment even more.

LG are growing as a high end smartphone manufacturer and the G4 is an important product for the company. The Xperia Z3, meanwhile, is a much polished offering from Sony, but there are signs of ageing from the device that is almost 12 months old.


The screen of 5.2 inches on the Xperia Z3 appears more than adequate for all purposes and this includes interacting with the new Android operating system. The Xperia Z3 may not have been one of the first devices from Sony to feature the Android 5.0 operating system, but it has since received this update and Sony has promised even more. However, this screen size is dwarfed by the 5.5 inch screen on the G4. The differences may be small on paper, but there is a lot more to the LG’s screen than what meets the eye.


The Xperia Z3 comes with full HD resolution on the display, whereas the LG G4 is amongst the devices to offer QHD resolution. This is substantially better than the pixel density of the Xperia Z3, while LG also appears to have corrected the heating issues that the predecessor faced with a similar resolution. The small increase in the screen size has led to a larger increase in the dimensions of the phone. It is now a whopping 4 mm larger than the Xperia Z3 and this means difficulty in handling. LG appears to have done away with the thin bezels that was a hallmark of the predecessor.


The growing size of the phone has enabled LG to incorporate a 3000 mAh battery, despite the phone coming in at just 6.3 mm in thickness. The Xperia Z3 also has a similar sized battery, which is slightly larger at 3100 mAh, but it is considerably thicker at 7.2 mm. However, this figure was the talk of the town back when it was launched and the Sony device still continues to feel great in the hand. This is also helped by the use of premium materials throughout the phone. It is hard to find anything cheap on the Sony’s high-end device. It is a different story with the LG G4, as the South Korean company still relies upon plastic in order to keep the weight of the phone low.


One of the advantages of using plastic for the rear is a non-removable battery and the LG G4 is amongst the dying breed of smartphones to offer this feature. The Xperia Z3 completely does away with this aspect, but its battery can hold for two days on mediocre usage. Prices of the unlocked LG G4 are around $650 whereas the Xperia Z3 is considerably cheaper at around $400 following the recent price cuts.

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