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The Sims 4 Adds Half Walls, Locked Doors and More Height Customization Features


It looks like the best time to be the Sims 4 fan because Electronic Arts and Maxis have finally decided to add some of the most wanted features to the game without further delay.

Locked doors is a feature that players have been constantly asking for, but for some reason the developers continued to evade it until the ‘Get to Work’ DLC pack got launched. While the primary objective of this new DLC is to allow the players to go to work, do jobs and build a career, it created a whole new issue that no one expected to happen. When you are busy working in the office, anyone could randomly barge into your office, do some stupid activities before going back. It was highly annoying besides being inappropriate in a scientist’s lab or a police station where usually authorized persons are the only ones who could enter.

Better Privacy

Heeding to the request of the players, Maxis has finally introduced locked doors in the Sims 4. Some of them are specific for work places where other employees can open it. When you construct a home, the type of lock will vary. Some can be unlocked by you while the others will be accessible to everyone living in the same home. There are gender specific locks as well, which, according to the team, will lead to some hilarious results.

Half Walls – Productive and Decorative

The half walls is another new addition which looks awesome when used in the right spots. Instead of adding just one half wall, Maxis has added it in varied sizes. There are actually five different walls at the moment, each one of them designed for a specific purpose. One is of the size of a kitchen counter, useful in offices and homes. The other is bigger which is ideal as a reception counter or in a home to simply split the rooms from one another. The shorter ones allow the people to sit on them with two more sizes to let you get as creative as possible.

Shorter Teenage Sims

A height adjustment feature has also been rolled out to the Sims 4 which now allows you to create shorter sims, probably teenagers who are yet to grow. Such features were supposed to be part of the game on launch, but it has taken so many months. Either way, as the game is getting better with each day, we just can’t complain anymore and have to just enjoy it.