The Google Play Store is the best way of getting new apps installed on your Android device.

However, there is probably a great deal of awesome features that you probably haven’t gotten a chance to explore.
Here are the top 5 most awesome Google Play Store features that you probably haven’t explored during your time with the Android devices.
Become a beta tester
The Play Store is usually not uploaded with beta apps. However, you can still use this application to receive beta updates of apps once you sign up for their beta testing programs. Before the app developers roll out a stable update, they’d usually roll out a beta version of the app, which is usually not very stable, but contains new and cutting edge features and enhancements. You can become part of this program and receive beta updates such that you are the first to know what is coming to the platform.
To become a beta tester, sign up for a Google+ community or Google Group. Of course, this will depend with the setup of the developer of the specific app you want to become a beta tester. However, you must join any of these groups in order to access the beta program. After joining a Google community, you will notice a separate link from where you can sign up for the beta program. Unless you sign up for the group itself, you won’t be able to see this link. Go ahead and install the beta version of the app in question and you’ll be good to go.
Note that not all programs come with beta versions; however, the available ones come with quite easy ways of allowing the users to become part of their beta testing programs. The good thing is that you can opt out of the beta app anytime you feel like.
Create a wishlist for the apps, books and movies you want to buy in future
The Google Play Store has more than 1.3 million apps. However, there are also books, music and movies among these apps and if you aren’t enthusiastic about getting the digital copy, there is a better way of doing things within the store. Using the wishlist feature of the Play Store, you can save an app, movie, book or music you want to check out at a later time. Just tap on the wishlist icon (looks like a bookmark) and when you want to view your saved apps, swipe open the navigation panel on the left and select “Wishlist”.
Get quality apps based on your friends’ selections
The Google Play Store is indeed an amazing tool for the Android users. Users can leave reviews for apps they’ve downloaded and actually used, all of which can be very helpful when looking for the best app to install.
When you slide out the navigational panel and select “People”, you will be able to get app recommendations that are based on what your Google contacts have also used. This is a good way of getting cool stuff on the Play Store as the results you get are based solely on the stuff approved by someone you know.
Make use of parental controls and keep kids safe
You probably have a family tablet or maybe you don’t have any problem with your kids using yours, it is time you took matters in your own hands to ensure that they don’t come across explicit content on the Google Play Store. To do this, launch the Store and head to the settings menu where you can enable parental controls.
After enabling this feature, you can as well go ahead and filter TV, movies, games and other apps based on their available rating schemes. It is also possible to filter music and books that are labeled as “explicit”.
Customize automatic updates
By now you already know that the Google Play Store can automatically update your installed apps if given permission to do so. In the settings of the app store, you have the option of allowing automatic updates when the device connects to the internet via Wi-Fi, using your phone’s data or not to auto-update at all. There is also an option of turning off update notifications such that apps can silently update without being notified. There are more update settings in this section and you can customize them to best suit your needs.

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