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WhatsApp for Android and iOS – Quick Fixes for Top Bugs and Other Glitches


SMS are long forgotten ever since WhatsApp has come on the scene. Now, carriers all over the world have rolled out special WhatsApp data packages for users. However, WhatsApp is not free of bugs and glitches. So, if you have encountered such setbacks keep on reading to find out the solutions to your problems.

WhatsApp installation issues

Some accused various glitches that appear on their devices when installing WhatsApp. Some might use a fresh and new Android version (higher than Android 2.1), so this could be the number one issue.

If you also encountered difficulties with the Play Store, simply go to the WhatsApp site and set it up by hand. Head on to Settings, then Security and activate Install from Unknown Sources. Performing this step will allow you to set-up the WhatsApp apk file from the

Setting up WhatsApp on a tablet

Even though the app is not ready to be used for tablets, it is not impossible. Simply download the apk file from the site and follow the same steps you would perform on a mobile device. The next move is to have a mobile number to get the password. Note: Use your personal number because this will be linked to the IM service.

Contacts don’t show up on WhatsApp

The app should immediately reveal all of the contacts from your device that also use WhatsApp. But, if this is a serious issue for you, here is the quick fix:

  • It is imperative that you and your other contacts have the recent version of WhatsApp installed
  • You can make the contacts visible by simply clicking on the menu ( see the 3 dots), then Settings and finally click on Contacts. This should fix it.

How to Deactivate the Last Seen element?

If you’re a private person, you will want to deactivate the last seen on the app. To make this happen, head on to Settings, click Account and then choose Privacy. Then mess around with the Last Seen options and pick either Nobody, Everyone or My contacts.

Media Auto Download

Being part of a group is not for everybody, especially when you have those types of contacts that love sharing non stop media. You know the type I’m referring to, right? WhatsApp immediately downloads all of your received multimedia files, this is an automatic setting. But, it can be easily undone.

Start by heading on to Settings, then Chat Settings and next Media Auto-download and from there you will have to choose different alternatives for Mobile Data or Wi-fi.