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Apple iOS 9 – Five Tips to Master the New OS


Apple has already released the public beta version of the iOS 9, allowing the users to experience the new operating system, the new features and the way it will function.

With so many new features, you could use some guidance how to master the system. Luckily, we can offer you some tricks and tips to take full advantage of the potential of the iOS 9.


The biggest change in how the operating system works in iOS 9 is the new feature called Proactive. It is a feature similar to Google Now, adjusting to your needs and preferences. For example, if you call your best friend at a certain hour of the day, Proactive will start showing his/her contact icon in the Search screen when the time is right. This will help you call your friend with a single swipe left from the homescreen. Or for example, if you listen to music when you are at the gym, you will get a now playing list in the lock screen at your gym time or the moment you plug the headphone in. The more you use your phone/iOS 9, the better the system will become.

Keyboard Cursor

One of the small and subtle changes that will make your life easier is the “keyboard cursor”. Apple has titled the function “easy text selection” and it improves the functionality of your keyboard. What does it do? It allows you to move around the document with a cursor. All you need to do is to tap and hold on any spot on your screen with two fingers and the keys on the screen will grey out. Once the keys are grey out, you can move the two fingers to move the cursor. Moving the fingers automatically selects any text between the starting point and the spot you moved the cursor to.

Shortcut Bar

Apple has added a shortcut bar to most of its apps. For example, while you are using the keyboard, you will notice icons for cut, copy and paste in the upper right corner. In Notes, on the other hand, the three icons are hidden within a single one. Tap the icon to reveal the other icons. Some applications offer camera icon for pictures and videos and much more. Important note: all the shortcut icons are located top right.

Low Power Mode

Apple has finally added a battery saving mode. You can notice easily whether the phone is using low power mode or not. For example, when your battery is fully charged or above 20%, the battery indicator at the top of the screen is green. When the battery is below 20%, the indicator is red. When your phone is in low power mode, the battery indicator is orange. The Low Power Mode can be activated in Settings > Battery. The mode will turn off background apps, decrease the time the screen needs to go dark, reduce animations and much more. And whenever your phone drops below 20% you will get a notification to activate it.

Public Transport

Apple has made a huge improvement to the Maps application, adding public transport as an option for your routes. In order to select public transport, go to the app, search for a location and then tap on the “get directions” button in the top left. From there, you can select Transport. The list of cities is limited, for example, in the US, only 6 cities are supported, but Apple will look to expand the list.