Since the launch of the Apple Watch, sales have dropped down by 90%.

The initial hype about the Apple Watch is going down and the sales as well. Apple has already announced that the company doesn’t expect the watch to break record sales. So, what is the reason? Here are four we believe are good enough reasons for people not to buy the watch.


When Apple was promoting the Apple Watch, the company said it will be more of a fashion accessory than a smartwatch. That approach cost Apple millions, since it turns out, the Watch is not as fashionable as many expected. Yes, the design is simple and elegant, but it is nowhere close to a fashion accessory many will die for. There is a reason why some fans would love to see a different, circular design for the second generation of the device. That won’t happen, as reports are that Apple will stick to the square design.

Complex Usage

When the Apple Watch was released, some experts in the field complained that they needed more than three days to learn how to operate the watch. Apple and its operating system usually focus on simplicity and make their products easy to use. That is not the case with the Apple Watch as the product has a complex user interface. Integrating the Watch with the iPhone is not an easy process, and it takes some time to get used to which notifications are displayed on the iPhone and which on the watch.

Lack of Apps

There are no third party apps just for the Apple Watch, as the product depends on your iPhone for “life”. Apple has said that the company reduced the apps and functions of the Apple Watch in order to preserve its battery life. However, the strategy backfired as the Apple Watch doesn’t last as long as Apple intended and it lacks the functions and apps in the process.

The Price

When you put all together, paying $350 for a watch that doesn’t do much is practically a waste of money. While it is true that Apple’s products are always more expensive, in the case of the Apple Watch, the reward is not worth the money. Price to value ratio of the Apple Watch is among the lowest in the industry.

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