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Gmail's Pony Express Allows to Pay Bills from your Mailbox


Google has now introduced a feature that will allow you to pay bills right from your inbox.

You can receive and send the payment from Gmail. In accordance to Recode this attribute of Gmail is called as Pony Express. It can be an internal name as Google can rename it with an interesting appellation when it is launched for the consumers in the market. It has been termed as paper mail’s future as you do not have to take a leave from your busy schedule and wait in the queue with all the bills to pay. This feature is rumored to takeoff in the fourth quarter of the year 2015. That means it is just a couple of months away for us to use this service.

How to Use Pony Express

Every Gmail user can take full-fledged benefit of this feature. You will be asked to provide certain details such as the social security series of digits. The verification will not be carried by Google, but a third party to collate the data. Once the authentication is processed, you can use Gmail’s Pony Express to send or receive the bills and pay them instantly. You will be allowed to pay bills via debit or credit card. On the other hand, you even have the choice to link any of your bank accounts to Pony Express.

The is one more feature of Google, Google Wallet, that you can soon see expanding, does not take part to link Pony Express to it. Hence, Google will be solely responsible of your bills or can grow the Wallet to serve the feature of linking the bank account.

The Added Attributes of Pony Express

In addition to paying off bills, you can send the bills to the other people in case you want to divide the full balance. According to one of the sources of Recode, you can even automate the division for future ease. Google did not officially make any announcement of Pony Express yet. However, this feature may get a boom as an express feature of Pony Express to pay bills is far better than paying through the snail mails or through a website of the utility provider.

You can pay all the monthly bills that get dropped at your house door without standing in queue for hours together. Google has not only served only the email industry, but with the advanced features it is introducing it is making our life easier and less time consuming.