God of War 3 is one of the most celebrated games on Playstation 3 console which is now available in an all new 1080p HD edition on the next gen Playstation 4 platform.

Now, the big question is whether it is worth paying the $40 to purchase the game that you might already own! If you love the series and like to have the game on your PS4 console which might probably never get the backwards compatibility feature, you should definitely buy it without second thoughts. Moreover, no big games are around the corner with Uncharted 4 scheduled for a 2016 launch. You can spend now and start saving for the next big game in a couple of weeks.

Graphically Rich and Brilliant Textures

One of the striking features of God of War 3 PS4 edition is that the graphical details are more detailed than ever because of the increased 1080p resolution. The game has been completely revamped so that the world looks sharper and obviously when the developers boost the pixels, it leads to better textures as well. Better hardware on the Playstation 4 console is a huge support for the game which renders the world seamlessly with little effort.

The sound details are authentic and Kratos is more responsive than he has ever been. When you smash the buttons, every press leads to a stunning blow at your enemies on screen. While the gameplay is the same as the PS3 version, you could feel that the game is much more responsive because it is running on a hardware that is much higher than the minimum requirement. The fluid animation ensures that you feel a much faster, action packed and a powerful title that is worth revisiting.

Pros and Cons

Some of the strong positives in God War 3 PS4 edition is that the game has amazing set pieces, in levels that look flamboyantly big than it looked on the older game. The cut scenes are a letdown because they are still in lower resolution but if you can skip this minor flaw, it is definitely a title that will keep you entertained for hours to come. Combat is the significant feature in the exclusive title that will make sure you are never bored until the game ends. For new owners, it is a must own title whereas others could fill up gap besides revisiting the world in glorious HD.

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