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How-To: Download Google Play Store APK Files on Your Desktop Using APK Downloader

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The Google Play Store is a must have application for all Android users.

It is because this storehouses all the approved apps that are required to run on these devices.

To install an application from this store, users only need to visit the store and download their favorite app to their device. This is a very simple process thanks to the fact that the Google Play Store comes preinstalled on all Android devices. The fact that this Play Store comes preinstalled on the phone does not mean this process cannot be initiated from your laptop or desktop.

There is also a desktop version of this store, and it can be accessed directly via the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers. Just like a desktop has got an executable file (.exe) for installing on Windows OS, the Android OS also comes with an Android Application Package (APK) file format for distributing and installing apps on this platform. However, to get this APK file from the desktop browser requires downloading and installing another application known as APK Downloader. This browser extension will help you download APK files of your favorite apps to your PC.

How APK Downloader works

When the Google Play Store is launched on your desktop, you can only see two options – install the app on all the devices compatible with it or choose to add it to a wishlist. Once you install the APK Downloader extension to your PC, there will be a new button labeled “Download APK” besides the wishlist and install buttons. Clicking on this button will allow you to download APK files of all your favorite apps.

Installing APK Downloader in Chrome

The process of installing APK Downloader in Chrome or even Firefox is very easy. The first and obvious thing is to make sure your Android device is connected to your Google account via the Play Store. Using your Android phone, go ahead and launch the Play Store and then search for an app known as Device ID. Once this app is installed, launch it, and you will be able to get the ID of your Android phone as well as the registered email. This info will be very useful at a later stage.

Go to your laptop and launch the Google Play Store via Chrome or Firefox. Make sure you sign in with the same email as the one signed in on the Android device/Google Play Store. Head over to the APK Downloader Info page and select “Add to Chrome.” Confirm the installation by clicking on “Add.” Once the APK Downloader extension is installed, you will see a login page pop up on your screen.

Now this is where the details you got from the Device ID app come in. Get the email, your phone’s ID, and password, fill them in the provided fields, go ahead, and login. That’s it! You can now start downloading APK files of your favorite Android apps directly from your Chrome or Firefox web browsers to your PC.