The court of federal appeal confirmed that the images supported by Google Earth or any other satellite imagery will be considered as an evidence in the trials of any court prosecution.

The conviction commenced after a defender could not be summoned as the patrol agents were unable to prove the crime with any strong evidence, except the Google Earth coordinates.

The Intervention is not a Rumor

The Ninth Circuit Appeals Court is of the opinion that though Google Earth images are just snapshots of the place, it cannot be considered as an unconfirmed report. It can be used as a verdict to prove any judgment in the court trial. Labeling the satellite imagery with coordinates and without any human control is not a decision that can be overlooked. There must be cases of malfunctioning or concerns for evidences; however, these flopping technical issues can be taken into consideration. The court appeal has used the term as “addressed by the rules of authentication” for such malfunctions.

Google Earth’s Technical Assistance to Court

Google Earth became a subject of evidence when Pasiano Lizarraga-Tirado was arrested in the year 2003. He was convicted for entering the United States because of an illegal attempt to cross the border with Mexico. When caught, he tried defending himself by stating that he was not inside the US border but on the Mexican land. However, the patrol agent, who caught him, convinced the law by using the location coordinates and information he found on the handheld GPS device he carried during the arrest. The agent even backed up his evidence with the Google Satellite image that proved that the man was on the land of the United States of America and not on the Mexican side of the border.

However, as Google Earth never fell in the books of the law, using Google Satellite images and providing it as an evidence is an not an acceptable verdict. The coordinates can be placed manually or generated by the computer. Hence, until there is no proof that the coordinates are technical, using Google Earth is a false implication. On the contrary, Google Earth Street View highlights have been used to convict a person in the trial case.

Google Earth is a protocol invented by a CIA. Found in the year 2001, Google funded the CIA and acquired it in the year 2004. Google has come up with 2 licenses for the users to use it extensively. The basic license is free for all the users and the other license, Google Earth Pro, helps you with added benefits, but costs $399 a year.

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