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Electronic Arts and Maxis have finally heard what fans have been praying for, since a long time.

Doors that you could lock is mandatory if you like to have realism in your games.

The Sims 4 lacked this important feature ever since it got launched. We are really not sure as to why the developers would miss something as simple as this because in your own home, you have to have some privacy right? Some players were freaked out to suddenly see a stranger enter their house and join them in bed. Even the mobile version of the game had door alarms and locks which sometimes could get robbed but it was more realistic.

After a lot of begging and threatening from the gaming community, the developers Maxis have finally added the much needed feature. The doors can now be locked and there are so many different types of locks available at the moment. The feature got introduced mainly because of the ‘Get to Work’ expansion pack that direly needed locked doors in order to make an office, look like an office!

Get some Privacy

The good thing about this newly added feature is that when you go to work, you can now conveniently lock your door and start working. No one in the office will be able to enter and disturb you. Similarly, there are other types of locks which will open only to employees who work in the same office.

Choosing the type of door is purely an individual decision. If it’s your own room where you have a lot of personal items and case files, you can make sure you are the only person to have access to it. Every other door in the office can be designed in a way that it opens for employees only. Similarly, the ones used in your household can open for you or other residents as well. There are gender specific doors as well but Maxis said it is a surprise that people have to wait and watch.

Newly Launched Features

Apart from the ability to lock doors, the Sims 4 game has also received half walls. Walls can now be built in different sizes which is useful to make your home look stylish or productive when building commercial spots. The height of the characters can also be lowered so as to depict younger sims who are yet to reach adulthood. The new update should be available in a couple of days.

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