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Use Instagram Tools to Engage Shoppers for Your Ecommerce Business


More than half a decade, Instagram is making its way through the top leading social sharing applications on mobile.

This app then spread to the tablets and computer systems too. As Instagram’s sole purpose is to share photographs, you can like, click, save, upload and share the snap through all the followers in your Instagram account. On the contrary, with the ‘Instagram Direct’ facility, you can send it to a group of 15 people too if you are not much interested in sending the clicked photo to the entire team. However, did you know that this photo sharing app is becoming the world’s largest and easiest platform for promoting your business?

Here are a few of the tools that can help you widen your ecommerce business by targeting the perfect audience on Instagram.


A one year old company, Like2Buy, shows their products on the screen of the Instagram with a link per page. You can set the link of your company here. Hence, anybody who clicks on the link will get redirected to your Like2Buy Company’s page.  As the site is mobile responsive, you can shop it directly from your mobile and complete the payment process too as you do it on computer’s ecommerce websites. Like2Buy charges around $1000 to display your products on that tool; however, you can anytime request for a demo before signing any contract.

It is an internal tool to carry out give and take from the Instagrammers. To use this tool, you will have to create an account with this app, hit the ‘like’ button on all the photographs that have link and receive the description of the product information you liked via email. You can choose the products and get yourself redirected to the site where you can purchase the items that attract you.


Similar to the Like2Buy tool, you can promote your products and services through images. Once the customer likes it, he or she will hit the ‘Sold’ button and will be redirected to the page of payment gateway. The usage of hashtags to find the perfect size or color of the items is one of the easiest ways to use Soldsie. This tool is steering through the charts as it has limited quantity of products and it gives you a feeling of shopping at an auction sale.


If you want to sell your products through Shopseen, you can pay a minimum of $29 for the monthly subscription. This tool collates all the company’s photographs that it has to display. The flowers can click on the link that is supported by Shopseen and will be directed to the page where all your products and items can be viewed to purchase. Once the purchase is done, both the merchant and the buyer receive an email as a confirmation for the item bought.

It is a simple tool that allows you to use photographs viewed on somebody else’s profile. If you like any of your followers’ photograph, helps in gaining rights of that photograph from the follower and offers it to you. You can then use that click in your website or at your Instagram photo list. The photos can be linked to the product; hence, when the customer wishes to buy the product, he or she can click on the call to action button to purchase and add it to the cart. The plans are divided into three parts – $199 as the standard plan, $399 as the premium account and the final plan works as a custom-priced option for the users.

Instagram is opening its platform for all the advertisers who do not wish to have web pages for their businesses and want to display their products and services through the social sharing apps. Though there are many ecommerce websites that can help in getting business, researchers have found out that most of the people spend their maximum time on social sharing apps rather than the ecommerce websites.

Hence, as Instagram helps in sharing outstanding photographs and many youngsters are already connected to it, the businesses already have their target audience. They just have to use proper methodologies to reach to the audience with the perfect pieces of photographs.