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WhatsApp BETA Download for BlackBerry 10 – Ultimate Improvements


The developers of WhatsApp have released a new BETA version of their application for BlackBerry 10. WhatsApp version 2.l2.43.2 comes with a lot of bug fixes, improvements and other small changes. This new BETA version of WhatsApp will surely be enjoyed by the people who have their devices running on BlackBerry 10.3.2. This is because WhatsApp is now able to read Facebook contacts from the system’s address book. With other words, this new feature will add a lot of friends that you’re missing from WhatsApp.

It seems that this new WhatsApp version also fixes the unanswered incoming calls, because until now, the pop-up with the missed call was not showing it after you’ve missed it. At the same time, the bug that was causing the first message that you’ve sent in a new conversation to be shown after a few seconds, has been fixed.

WhatsApp BETA: How to install on your BlackBerry 10 device

Since WhatsApp is currently in BETA, this new version can be downloaded only from the BlackBerry Beta Zone. In order to download it from this place, you will need to firstly register in the Beta Zone.

Once you’ve enrolled into the BlackBerry Beta Zone, you will be able to download and install the WhatsApp on your BlackBerry 10 device and start using the latest BETA version.

HINT: Keep in mind that even if this new WhatsApp BETA version comes with some important fixes, that doesn’t mean it is bug-free. With other words, any WhatsApp BETA version usually has a lot of bugs and errors that will be fixed once the STABLE version is released.

Once you’ve installed the WhatsApp BETA on your BlackBerry 10 device, you will need to accept the terms and use your mobile phone number to get verified. Once you get the mobile phone number verified, you will log into your WhatsApp account.