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WhatsApp Messenger BlackBerry Beta Zone Download – Powerful Update and Features


It happened just 24 hours ago when Microsoft released a new update regarding the Skype app for Blackberry 10 gizmos.

Apparently, another important application is about to get a big update, we are talking about WhatsApp Messenger here. Having WhatsApp Messenger on a Blackberry smartphone might be a bit odd since the company came out with their own version of the IM app, dubbed Blackberry Messenger.

The latter IM app can be found on all platforms, iOS and Android included. So, we cannot think of a solid reason for you to install the WhatsApp Messenger on your Blackberry, unless your peers are WhatsAppers all the way.

But let’s not forget the fact that WhatsApp can be used on Blackberry, for those who are interested or at least curious. The WhatsApp crew just released a big update, accessible only in BlackBerry Beta Zone.

This means a new beta variant of WhatsApp has received a fresh update. There is also an official changelog that came out with the update, so those of us from the outside know what to expect.

The first major thing is the bug enhancement. So, don’t get your hopes up too high because we are not talking about new state-of-the-art features here or other significant enhancements in the beta variant. Developers claim that this new update will permit WhatsApp to “read” the Facebook contact list added in the address book. This is the solution they came out with to fix the problem of missing contacts. Apparently users on OS 10.3.2 have been accusing some minor setbacks in this particular area.

Also, the fact that a call that was not answered and users could not see that pop-up notice regarding the missed call, has been tackled with as well in this update. Developers also solved the problem of the annoying endless message (in new conversations) that would take for ever to show up after users hit the send button.