WhatsApp keeps growing every single day and it with each and every new addition, it only but gets better.

If you have been using this app on the web with WhatsApp Web, you will be smiling at this as the client has received a new update that makes it almost equal to the phone app. Even though the phone app has been around since 2009, it was just until January this year that a PC version of WhatsApp came into being. Since this app was released, it has received both negative and positive reviews, with most of the negatives coming from the iOS side.

WhatsApp Web does not support iPhones unless you are willing to go to the extent of jailbreaking your phone. In addition, being a web version it can only be used on three web browsers – Chrome, Firefox and Opera – which is quite a limiting factor considering that there are more than just these three web browsers.

Nevertheless, those on the Android platform have kept on using it despite the app having some limitations for this group as well. Among the limitations the app came with were inability to change profile picture, status message, edit a group, and many others – all of which had to be done from the phone app before the changes could reflect on the web version.

Change WhatsApp status message, profile picture and more from Web version

The latest update of WhatsApp Web adds new features to this platform, and this pushes the app closer to emulating the phone app. The lack of these abilities had stalled the growth in popularity of this app, but now that the company has moved in with these features, the app will be more exciting to use.

In the latest version, users of WhatsApp Web can now be able to change their profile photos, delete individual chats, change their status messages, mute and exit groups as well as archive group chats. The interface has also received some beef ups and the app now functions a little different where by just hovering above your photo, you will get an option to edit it, just the same way it happens with hovering above your profile picture on Facebook.

Just next to the status there is an edit icon which when clicked on; users will get a chance to change the current status message. When you click on the settings menu, you will now see more options than before as you can access the details for individual chats and group chats.

How to connect WhatsApp to WhatsApp Web

To see the changes noted above, you must visit the official web version of the messenger. To connect to this version, first, launch the mobile app and tap on the menu to reveal the WhatsApp Web option. Tap on it to open a QR scanner. On your PC, launch Chrome, Firefox or Opera and head to the official WhatsApp Web page at web.whatsapp.com. A QR code will open and using the QR scanner on your phone, scan it, and you will be logged in.

Everything you have on your phone app will be available on the web version.

WhatsApp testing keyboard shortcuts for different commands

Other than the above additional features that WhatsApp has brought to the Web version, there are also reports that the developers are working on a number of keyboard shortcuts that will help users initiate a variety of commands, for instance, archive chats or delete chats. However, there is no official news of when this update will be released.

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