Even if the Web variant of WhatsApp has been lurking around the surface for quite some time, it hasn’t been updated with a lot of new improvements. But, currently this has changed and the WhatsApp Web version has received a few of the features that are available in the mobile version, without having to recur to your mobile device. No one knows for sure when these enhancements popped-up, but the truth of the matter is that there are here.

Profile & Status Updates– these two can be easily edited now. If you hover over the image, you can change it with a new one. Look for the edit symbol, right next to the status and use it to share your moods and feelings with other WhatsAppers.

Chat Updates

Now, the erasing and archiving your chat is possible as well as exiting a group chat whenever the mood strikes you or simply hit the mute knob. The latter features can also be applied to the conversation list (test it out by right-clicking). If you take a closer look, you should spot keyboard fun alternatives for every single action you perform. However, the downside is that they keep disappearing for some reason (probably because they are not yet finished).

Contact and Group Updates

These two also got hit with a new update. Check out those flashy red knobs which are used to either quit a chat or delete it. You can also modify the status as well as the icon.

The above mentioned options are just laying there in plain sight, so no extreme measures need to be taken to locate them.

If you simply enable your WhatsApp Web app, you should identify them as soon as you sign in. So, what are you waiting  for? Fire-it up and enjoy these new updates.

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