Google just came out with an amazing preview regarding the Android M operating system, its newest “baby”. But along with the preview a new enhancement also rolled out. This is the visual voicemail. Why is the amazing? Because now users can actually see and even hit the playback button on one’s voicemail messages. And the fun thing about it is that there is no need to form the number of your carrier’s voicemail and then wait it out as you did before.

With the new Android M, this neat feature receives a proper tab right in the message center. The voicemails will be displayed as neat cards and if you simply click on either one of those cards, you will be redirected to the audio. Each of these cards have their own volume and other buttons which will give you full control , plus there are some links that allow you respond instantly to your voicemails through a short message or even a phone call.

If you have an Android gizmo, you already know that such 3rd party applications or Google Voice works pretty much the same. But the novelty in this case is that it will function inherently on the gizmo. So no more screen clicks for you.

With the Android M, users also get to enjoy app authorizations which have been enhanced, a practical sleep mode which will save a lot of your battery’s life plus the support regarding Android Pay and last but not least the fingerprint authentication system.

Apparently, Google will offer support for Orange (France) as well as T-Mobile across the US. The rest of the carries will follow shortly after. So, if you have a SIM card in your phone, you will be able to use the feature whereas the others will be on hold until the mobile carriers include the support for this visual voicemail feature.

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