The release date of Android M is just around the corner and as usual, users of most Samsung flagships have already begun asking whether their devices will be eligible to get the new Android update.

At the moment, there is no official information from Samsung regarding which devices will get this update, however, just like with the release of Android L, speculation has begun building with respect to which Galaxy models will get this update.In addition, most users of Samsung must have realized that the previous Android L was not pushed to all devices; instead, those with less than one and a half years in the market were the most definite beneficiaries.This is also expected to be the same case when the new Android M is released.

Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Note 4 to receive Android M update

Not all users of Samsung flagships will get a chance to enjoy the new Android M operating system on their devices. However, a good number of the latest devices will get this update. One device that is for sure going to get this update is Samsung Galaxy Note 5, which is expected to be released a few months from now. While there are some speculations that this device might come in earlier than expected, what is for sure is that it will be able to support the new Android OS.

Other devices in line to receive the update to the latest Android M are Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. These devices just came in a few months ago, and since they are within the one and a half year time frame, they will get this update. Those using the current Galaxy Note series flagship, the Galaxy Note 4 should also expected to receive this update when it is officially launched later this year. Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Note Edge will also be eligible for this update unless Samsung is planning to retire either of them by the time the new Android M comes around.

Release dates

As noted earlier, there is no definite date of when the Android M update will be pushed to Samsung Galaxy series devices. However, we expect the process to go well into 2016. However, if the Galaxy Note 5 is not released with the new Android M, then we might end up seeing it get the OTA updates before this year ends. It will not be possible for the whole globe to get the updates by the end of this year, so, expect to receive this update during the first month or so of next year. The older devices, in this case, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge and the Galaxy S5 might see this update in Spring or even Summer of 2016.

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