The internet has gone abuzz with the newly launched Apple iPod Touch which is now much more powerful because it is powered by the same processor as the iPhone.

After a long gap, the company has decided to focus on their failing, portable music devices. In a surprising announcement, the company refreshed all its models including the iPod touch, iPod Nano and the iPod shuffle. While not every one of them have received a significant upgrade in terms of hardware specifications, the Touch device has received special attention from Apple. It is now powered by the A8 64-bit processor which is supported by an additional M8 motion coprocessor. The technology is the same as you would find in an iPhone 6 model which makes this device superior than a simple way to listen to music.

iPod Touch Models Available

With the refreshed line-up, Apple iPod Touch begins at the price of $199 which will come with only 16 GB of capacity. It is definitely not an ideal choice because the space will fill up as soon as you update it with all your favorite songs. There will hardly be anything left for the apps and games to be installed. The next model is priced at $249 which is much better because it comes with 32 GB of storage and the other one has 64 gigabytes of space with a price tag of $299.

The all-new iPod touch runs on iOS version 8.4 and will soon receive the iOS 9 as it has enough processing power to handle the operating system. It also is now available with three new color variants including a dark pink shade, blue and an impressive gold one. If you are planning to subscribe to Apple Music for $10 a month, buying a new touch should be a worthy option. It is available to purchase on the official site and is expected to be rolled out to retailers soon.

Powerful Internal Hardware

The iPod Touch also features an amazing 8 megapixel camera in the rear which is capable of capturing slow motion videos at 120 frames per second. The display is the only shortcoming in this model which is just at 4-inches. Apple should have gone with a bigger 5-inch display which will allow the users to enjoy movies without having to rely on a tablet. However, with better internal hardware, this is the best portable entertainment and gaming device that you could buy today.

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