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Download Viber 5.4.1 APK for Android Tablets


Viber is a mobile app with more than 500 million downloads all over the world every month. This app was launched in the year 2010 and since its launch, its popularity has grown.

This is one of the reasons why it is seen as a respectable brand. Initially, Viber was originally designed or made for iPhones. However, after it worked very well and people started to give great feedback, an Android version was made.

Since then, other operating systems have come in and have their versions as well. Although Viber is a mobile app, it can be downloaded and installed on laptops, tablets, notebooks and computers. Whether these devices are operating on Windows, Linux of Mac operating systems, Viber will work perfectly on them. This is one of the reasons people love and trust Viber to be the best IM app in the world.

Features of Using Viber

The Viber IM app was developed by four Belarusian and Israeli developers. In this app, you will experience some of the best instant messaging features. With Viber, you can send a video, text message, picture, voice message or make calls. No matter the platform the caller and receiver is on, the app works with no errors.

Also, Viber 5.4.1 APK both public and private chats. With this app, creating groups of up to 100 people is highly possible and you can chat with them all at the same time. Additionally, the app is developed with unique sticker collections that you can use to add more to the instant messaging experience. If you feel instant messaging is not enough, you can move to the free calling feature. You will be able to call anyone who has this app or even those who do not have Viber installed on their phones.

Joining the Viber Family is Easy

One feature that makes Viber popular is the fact that, the users do not need long email addresses and passwords or some form of unique ID to set it up on their devices. Viber 5.4.1 APK can be downloaded and installed, as well as set up only with your mobile phone number needed. After you provide your mobile number, the rest is simple. Your number is used in verifying your account and then, all numbers in your mobile phonebook is scanned to be linked to your Viber account. The numbers are added automatically to your Viber contacts list which makes it very easy for you to chat and to make calls for free.

Why Do You See ViberOut against a Contact?

Whenever you see ViberOut attached or showing near a contact in your Viber phonebook, you need to know instantly that, that person or persons do not have Viber installed on their devices. You can however make inexpensive ViberOut voice and video calls to these numbers. You can buy Viber credit from the Viber website. Viber credit starts from $4.99 and above and payment methods vary, so check the website.

Installing on Computers

Although it is possible for downloads to be made on other devices like tablets, PCs or other devices, you will need to install it on your mobile phones first. After that, you can easily download and install it to other devices.

Space for Download

Tablet download space that should be available must be less than 40MB for you to benefit from all the features Viber offers. Viber 5.4.1 APK should be downloaded on the Android devices 2.3 and above.